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What We're Listening To Right Now - 9/17/2015

Cramps Faith No More post punk punk Rolling Stones September 2015 The Replacements Top 5 Wipers

September already?!? There's been some great releases this year so far. Here's the top five we are listening to right now.

1. The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us - Originally released in 1980, the first record by the Cramps introduced us to their bizarre world of garage rock, monster movies and double entendres. A solid release from start to finish. Key Tracks: TV Set, Garbage Man

2. The Replacements - Stink - Only about 15 minutes long, Stink captures the Replacements at the peak of their punk phase. Clever and blistering at the same time. Key Tracks: Kids Don't Follow, Stuck In The Middle, Go

3. Wipers - Is This Real? - Maybe the best release by Kurt Cobain's favorite band. Ahead of it's time when it was released in 1979 and it still sounds fresh today. Key Tracks: Return of the Rat, Mystery, D-7

4. Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers - Not much more needs to be said about this one. The Stones at the start of their 1970's peak. Key Tracks: Bitch, Brown Sugar, Dead Flowers

5. Faith No More - Sol Invictus - Their first release in almost 20 years picks up right where they left off. The songs on Sol Invictus can stand with any of their previous albums. Key Tracks: Superhero, Mother Fucker, Black Friday

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