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Album Spotlight - The Gun Club - Fire Of Love

August 2015 Fire Of Love gun club los angeles post punk punk

The late-70's early 80's Los Angeles punk/post-punk scene was a melting pot of influences. Bands like X and the Blasters seamlessly integrated a variety of influences from blues to rockabilly and jazz with punk stylings to form a unique sound. The Gun Club were another one of those bands who took diverse roots and created a sound that was better than the sum of it's parts. Fire Of Love, the debut from The Gun Club, took it's influence from everything from blues, goth, punk, tribal beats and more to create an album that remains a classic to this day. An influence to numerous post-punk and alternative artists of the 80's and 90's, this record sounded like nothing else at the time of it's release and still sounds fresh to this day.

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