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Yardbirds - ROGER THE ENGINEER ((Vinyl))


Yardbirds - ROGER THE ENGINEER ((Vinyl))

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The Yardbirds: Keith Relf (vocals, harmonica); Jeff Beck (vocals, guitar, bass); Chris Dreja (guitar); Paul Samwell-Smith (bass); Jim McCarty (drums).
Additional personnel: Jimmy Page (guitar, bass); John Paul Jones (bass).
Producers: Paul Samwell-Smith, Simon Napier Bell.
Reissue producer: Gregg Geller.
Recorded at Advision Studios and IBC Studios, London, England in the spring and summer of 1966.
Original US LP release was titled "Over Under Sideways Down".
Includes original release liner notes by Jim McCarty.
This 31 track collection features the original 12 track album from 1966 in a mono version, then the entire album in a stereo version, including 5 bonus single tracks by Keith Relf, as well as 2 mono tracks that open the disc.
By the time the Yardbirds recorded ROGER THE ENGINEER in 1966, the British Invasion was in full swing. Like their brethren, they targeted Chicago blues as ground zero for musical inspiration. As a result, most Yardbirds recordings and live sets were chock full of numbers by the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson, Chuck Berry, and Elmore James. ROGER was a departure for the band, as all the material was self-penned.
With guitarist Jeff Beck leading the charge (having replaced departed blues purist Eric Clapton), the Yardbirds began exploring the possibilities of electric guitar and of rock in general. The Middle Eastern garage rock of "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" bumps up against the rockabilly swing of "Jeff's Boogie." Alongside Beck's thrilling guitar histrionics, there's the genteel English pastoral feel of "Farewell" and a quirky instrumental bubbling over with jazz bass, a rubbery-sounding beat, and chanting--"Hot House Of Omagarashid."

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