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Wreckless Eric - BIG SMASH ((Vinyl))

Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric - BIG SMASH ((Vinyl))

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Originally released in 1980, BIG SMASH was, as the title cheekily implies, "Wreckless" Eric Goulden's bid at crafting an accessible, mainstream pop/rock record. While the album's relatively high-end production often seems at odds with the scruffy British punter's rough-and-tumble sound, the set does yield some gems, most notably the melancholy "Broken Doll" and the energetic "Can I Be Your Hero?" The 2007 reissue of BIG SMASH, largely prompted by the use of Wreckless Eric's whimsical classic "Whole Wide World" in the film STRANGER THAN FICTION, boasts an impressive bonus disc that includes that song, along with additional studio tracks and live performances.

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  • Genre: Pop