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Wings - Greatest ((Vinyl))


Wings - Greatest ((Vinyl))

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A little over a year after the Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney and his wife Linda formed Wings, a group created to be a touring as well as recording unit. WINGS GREATEST brings together all of the band's hits from the '70s, showing off McCartney's broad range as a songwriter. McCartney was always referred to as the cuddly Beatle, and his sentimental side is well represented by compositions such as "Silly Love Songs" and "Another Day." Beyond these lightweight ditties, McCartney's muse led him down interesting paths.
"Jet" and "Junior's Farm" find Wings kicking out the jams, while "Live And Let Die" is the tour de force that welcomed Roger Moore as the new James Bond. Stretching beyond his '50s rock roots, McCartney collaborated with Denny Laine on "Mull Of Kintyre," based on a Scottish folk song. The result was the ex-Beatle's first British number one single since leaving his former group. By far the oddest inclusion on this compilation is the medley of "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey." Incorporating a number of different character dialects and including brass arrangements, birds chirping and nonsensical lyrical combinations, it is nonetheless one of Paul McCartney's more entertaining solo songs.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop

 Wings - Greatest ((Vinyl))