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Upsetters - DOUBLE SEVEN ((Vinyl))


Upsetters - DOUBLE SEVEN ((Vinyl))

$ 27.22

The Upsetters include: Lee Perry, U-Roy, David Isaacs, I Roy.
This set finds the Upsetters in transition. Like most others on the island, here he's still under the spell of American soul music, evident in his joyous cover of "Soul Man." Things are starting to fray around the edges, though, in that wonderful Upsetter fashion. "Kentucky Skank" is strong evidence of this, as is the magnificently loony "Waap You Waa." This is a pivotal moment in Scratch's remarkable and unique career. A lot of this stuff is available elsewhere, but fans will want to hear it here, as it first rocked the nation. ~ Rob Ferrier

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop