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Uk Subs - COMPLETE RIOT ((Vinyl))

Uk Subs

Uk Subs - COMPLETE RIOT ((Vinyl))

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COMPLETE RIOT combines two 1996 UK Subs albums, QUINTESSENTIALS and RIOT. Unlike their lineup (only their vocalist, the ageless Charlie Harper, has remained a constant presence), the band's punk attack has remained intact since their late-'70s inception, as has their anti-authoritarian stance. Their stripped-down songs are succinct, mostly making their point in under two minutes, lambasting society in what has become the grand punk tradition on songs like "Rebel Radio," "Power Corrupts," and "Media Man." Once considered punk latecomers, the Subs now find themselves in the odd position of being one of the few surviving keepers of the flame.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop