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The Wallflowers - Exit Wounds ((Vinyl))

The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers - Exit Wounds ((Vinyl))

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Rock ‘n’ roll is often hard to define, or even to find, in these fractured musical times. But to paraphrase an old saying, you know it when you hear it.

And you always hear it with The Wallflowers. Exit Wounds, which stays true to its title, is an album that is an ode to people – individual and collective – that have, to put it mildly, been through some stuff.

“I think everybody – no matter what side of the aisle you’re on – wherever we’re going to next, we're all taking a lot of exit wounds with us,” says Jakob Dylan. “Nobody is the same as they were four years ago. That, to me, is what Exit Wounds signifies.”

To be sure, Exit Wounds is populated by scarred souls and the things they carry with them. Those are your exit wounds. And right now, we’re all swimming in them.

SIDE A: Maybe Your Heart’s Not In It No More Roots And Wings I Hear The Ocean (When I Wanna Hear Trains) The Dive Bar In My Heart Darlin’ Hold On Side B: Move The River I’ll Let You Down (But Will Not Give You Up) Wrong End Of The Spear Who’s That Man Walking ‘Round My Garden The Daylight Between Us

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