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The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight To Midnight ((Vinyl))

The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight To Midnight ((Vinyl))

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In 1986, PRETTY IN PINK appeared in theaters. Taking its title from the Psychedelic Furs song (which was also featured in the film), it virtually defined the moment when "new-wave" music became "alternative." Many of the soundtrack artists were moved instantly from the ghetto of "weird" music and into mainstream success. MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT was released in 1987, at a moment tailor-made to catapult the Furs into success, and it did--despite the fact that it wasn't at all a musical aberration from the band's earlier material. It smoothly continued their progression from MIRROR MOVES (1984) while adding a tinge more muscle, especially in the guitars.
As usual, singer Richard Butler's voice is the immediate reference point for any Furs record--cigarette-gravelly as ever, alternately emphatic and pleading. Mars Williams' saxophone is particularly expressive, especially on "Shadow in My Heart" and "No Release." The album's standouts are the opener, "Heartbreak Beat," which gorgeously explodes out of its verses and into the chorus, and "All of the Law," featuring a down-and-dirty, slithering guitar and the kind of lyrics that inspire your memory. MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT is a strong entry into the Furs catalogue.

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