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The Offspring - Americana [LP][Red] ((Vinyl))

The Offspring

The Offspring - Americana [LP][Red] ((Vinyl))

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This is an Enhanced audio CD, which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
Offspring: Dexter Holland (vocals, guitar); Noodles (guitar, background vocals); Greg K (bass); Ron Welty (drums).
Additional personnel: John Mayer, Higgins "X-13", Heidi Villagran, Nika Futterman Frost (vocals); Calvert "Larry Bud Melman" DeForest (spoken vocals); Derrick Davis (flute); Gabe McNair, Phil Jordan (horns); Jack Grisham, Davey Havok, Jim Lindberg (background vocals).
Mariachi Campestre: Carlos Gomez (guitar); Raul Garibay (guitaron); Miguel Gonzales (violin); Pedro Pina (trumpet); Alvaro Macias (bihuela).
Recorded at Eldorado Recording Studio, Burbank, California.
AMERICANA continues the contradiction fostered by the Offspring with IXNAY ON THE HOMBRE; that of an anarchistic punk band signing up with and using the resources of a mighty recording industry monolith. Diatribes aside, these southern California punks have continued concocting breakneck-paced songs that combine intelligent lyrics with rapid-fire rhythms and shredding guitar.
Going beyond their punk credentials means the Offspring mix in a few curves that keep the listener guessing. "Why Don't You Get A Job" uses horns and a steel drum to underline misgivings about awarding alimony for either sex. "Pay the Man" uses Middle Eastern chord changes to achieve an Arabic feel that eventually gives way to a punkier arrangement. Even on"Feelings," the schmaltzy lounge lizard anthem, Dexter Holland's style of spitting out the words gives the slight number new life. The cleverly wrought "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" looks at white kids emulating an inner-city life style through the prism of daytime talk shows. Despite this experimentation, the Offspring cling to their punk roots with a steadfast determination that defines songs dealing with the pitfalls of growing up in the '90s ("The Kids Aren't Alright") and the emotional baggage brought into relationships ("She's Got Issues").

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop

 The Offspring - Americana [LP][Red] ((Vinyl))