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The Groundhogs - Blues Obituary (Blue Vinyl) ((Vinyl))

The Groundhogs

The Groundhogs - Blues Obituary (Blue Vinyl) ((Vinyl))

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The Groundhogs were one of the best bands of the 1960s British blues boom, and by the time they released their 1969 album, BLUES OBITUARY, they had already toured and recorded with John Lee Hooker. But this was the point where they began perfecting a distinctive brand of blues-rock that neatly avoided the genre's tropes. In classic power-trio style, it's all about the guitar here, with singer/axe-slinger Tony McPhee proving himself to be a seemingly bottomless fount of inventive six-string textures and melodic statements, even on a classic blues tune like "Natchez Burning." From start to finish, BLUES OBITUARY is practically a primer for how to play blues-rock guitar without resorting to cliche.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop