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T-rex - Tanx ((Vinyl))


T-rex - Tanx ((Vinyl))

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The 1997 reissue of TANX features 7 additional tracks that did not appear on the original release; "Children Of The Revolution," "Jitterbug Love," "Sunken Rays," "Solid Gold Easy Action," "Xmas Message," "20th Century Boy" and "Free Angel."
T. Rex includes: Mark Bolan (vocals); Steve Currie (bass); Bill Legend (drums).
Includes liner notes by Mark Paytress.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
This two-disc 2002 edition is packaged in a digipak and plastic slipcase.
Disc one includes seven non-album single sides in addition to the original album.
Disc two includes 23 "work in progress" versions and demos, which mirror the original album's running order.
Includes a 16 page color booklet featuring lyrics, photos, and memorabilia.
Includes liner notes by Mark Paytress (Marc Bolan's biographer).
There were more successful T. Rex albums, notably THE SLIDER, but without any hit singles, this collection seems to win favour as the most cohesive and interesting. The reissued CD has the generous bonus of seven tracks, including the largely ignored single "Children Of The Revolution." The expanded booklet has excellent sleeve notes from Bolanologist Mark Paytress; unfortunately, the designer decided to make them totally unreadable with ludicrous overprinting. This album clearly demonstrates there is more to the Bolan catalogue than the radio-flogged "Get It On" and "Telegram Sam." He was a fascinating lyricist, who could hope to put the line "myxomatosis is an animal's disease" in a song and get away with it.

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