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Sum 41 - ALL KILLER NO FIL(LP ((Vinyl))

Sum 41

Sum 41 - ALL KILLER NO FIL(LP ((Vinyl))

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This is an Enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
Sum 41: Bizzy D, Brown Sound (vocals, guitar); Cone (bass); Stevo 32 (drums).
Additional personnel: Greig "Capitol G" Nori (guitar, background vocals).
Engineers include: Joel Kazmi, Joe McGrath, Alan Sanderson.
Recorded at Metalworks, Toronto, Canada and Cello Studios, Los Angeles, California.
This young pop-punk quartet might seem to be following in the steps of such bands as Blink 182, but they bring something of their own to the table on ALL KILLER NO FILLER. Though much of this album is occupied by bratty, post-Green Day melodic punk with the occasional, reverential nod to old-school punk rock ("Nothing on My Back"), Sum 41 seems self-aware enough to effectively spoof itself. "Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised," they proudly proclaim on the satirical "Fat Lip," which also finds them flirting with rap-metal. Meanwhile, the breathlessly catchy "Rhythms" has enough guitar hooks and melodic vocal harmonies to please any power-pop fan. While there's not enough of a sense of punk history displayed here to give you nostalgic memories of the Buzzcocks, Sum 41 does have enough going on upstairs to put them a step or two ahead of the rest of the pop-punk pack.

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  • Genre: Rock