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Slipknot - SLIPKNOT ((Vinyl))


Slipknot - SLIPKNOT ((Vinyl))

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These self-proclaimed "freaks" from Des Moines draw upon elements of thrash, hip-hop, and shock-rock with brutal results. The music world may not have seen such a marriage of aggression and technical precision since the rise of thrash pioneers Slayer. At times Slipknot steps into the musical guises of heavy purveyors such as Korn, Powerman 5000, and Sepultura. However, even with the derivative nature of metal, this eight-member ensemble manages to be something original.
SLIPKNOT is a mix of dark interludes that segue into carefully crafted songs. The tracks use metaphors to describe themes of isolation, insecurity, confusion, and self-loathing. In "Surfacing" and "No Life," rap verses give way to melodic choruses. The rhythmic pounding of "Prosthetics" is as complex as it is relentless; a credit to drummer Joey Jordison, whose virtuosity is the driving force of Slipknot. "Only One" is a contrast of hip-hop funk and mosh-pit abandon. The band's style is best defined in "Scissors," where whispered lyrics give way to screams of "biding my time until the time is right / it's time." Slipknot has bid its time wisely and is poised to take its place among its heavy-handed musical peers.

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