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Sisters of Mercy - BBC Sessions ((Vinyl))

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Mercy - BBC Sessions ((Vinyl))

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The Sisters of Mercy are an English rock band, formed in 1977 in Leeds. One of England's leading goth bands of the 1980s, the band plays a slow, gloomy, ponderous hybrid of metal and psychedelia, often incorporating dance beats; the one constant in the band's career has been deep-voiced singer Andrew Eldritch. (There is some disagreement as to whether the group took its name from an order of Catholic nuns or from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name.) Eldritch originally formed the band in 1980 with guitarist Gary Marx and recorded its first single with a drum machine dubbed Doktor Avalanche. Guitarist Ben Gunn and bassist Craig Adams were added to make live gigs feasible, and the Sisters built a reputation through several singles and EPs. Smoky vinyl

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 Sisters of Mercy - BBC Sessions ((Vinyl))