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Sevendust - All I See Is War ((Vinyl))


Sevendust - All I See Is War ((Vinyl))

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Almost two-and-a-half decades into their career, melodic metal stalwarts Sevendust issued their twelfth effort, All I See Is War. Building upon their general formula of pummeling sonic assaults elevated by frontman Lajon Witherspoon's soaring voice, the band continues its late-era evolution with a mature perspective, tighter delivery, and polished production, courtesy of Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Alter Bridge, Chevelle), especially apparent on early highlights like "Dirty" and "God Bites His Tongue." Echoing contemporary releases from Godsmack and Lacuna Coil, All I See Is War is as potent and furious as anything in their back catalog, but still sets its sights on a future that is open to change (no matter how subtle). As with much of Sevendust's material, War sometimes runs the risk of sounding too homogeneous. Thankfully, Witherspoon's vocals have aged like fine wine and are magnetic enough to easily draw listeners back into the fold. The bandmembers -- Morgan Rose, John Connolly, Clint Lowery, and Vince Hornsby -- follow suit, honed into a formidably taut unit after a dozen albums. There's a palpable confidence in the moments when Sevendust step away from their trademark sound and opt to stir emotions not with brute strength but sweeping beauty, like on the moving "Not Original" and tortured "Sickness." That assuredness also propels the album on traditionally straightforward ragers like "Medicated" and "Unforgiven" and the muscular groovers "Cheers" and "The Truth." The maturation of Sevendust -- now long past their early nu-metal days -- is extended with skill and conviction by All I See Is War, which is at once comforting in its familiarity and fresh enough to hint at more to come. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

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