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Saxon - Denim & Leather ((Vinyl))


Saxon - Denim & Leather ((Vinyl))

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Brit-metal godfathers Saxon followed their hit albums WHEELS OF STEEL and LONG ARM OF THE LAW with the relentless DENIM AND LEATHER. As strong a set of anthems as the early 1980s ever saw, the songs on DENIM AND LEATHER continue Saxon's winning streak of high-polish, dramatic party metal. Never as dark as Iron Maiden or as brutal as Judas Priest, Saxon stick to humble, blue collar, meat-and potatoes rock. Nostalgic opener "Princess of the Night" recalls a train remembered in the singer's youth, complete with an appropriately chugging guitar riff, and "Play it Loud" is a raucous ode to volume designed to get denim-vested youths banging their heads. Anyone who loves AC/DC or Quiet Riot would do well to check out DENIM AND LEATHER. The title-track alone, a call-to-arms for metal lovers worldwide, is worth the price of admission.

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  • Genre: Pop