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Sakamoto, Shintaro - The Feeling Of Love ((Vinyl))

Sakamoto, Shintaro

Sakamoto, Shintaro - The Feeling Of Love ((Vinyl))

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Tracks include “The Feeling Of Love" - a boogie number that features a tremolo guitar, an exotic steel guitar, and a robotic voice with a light mid-tempo beat, with lyrics depicting the everyday life within the?extraordinary situation. "Obscure Nightclub" is a ballad with a bottom heavy beat, a steel guitar, a clear flute sound, and an insect-voiced chorus. While portraying the scene of a nightclub, he sings about his?feelings under the pandemic. The B-side features “By Swallow Season” - a mid-tempo jazzy boogie?track, with sentimental lyrics over a floating mellow wah-wah guitar and melancholy saxophone. "How many years does it take to return to normal~", Sakamoto sings, reflecting on the situation. The EP ends with "Don't Tinker With History", a boogie-funk song which opens with a James Brown-like guitar riff. An ultimate soul classic in contemporary Japan, the echoey steel guitar and the dry strumming blends in with the tight groove, along with his straightforward lyrics like "People and events that were pretended it didn't exist".

  • RSD Release Date: RSD71721

 Sakamoto, Shintaro - The Feeling Of Love ((Vinyl))