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NOFX - FRISBEE ((Vinyl))


NOFX - FRISBEE ((Vinyl))

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Although they've built their long career on a foundation of jokey, melodic punk rock, California mainstay NOFX have slowly but surely allowed a surprising depth to enter their songwriting. Their 11th album, COASTER, recorded yet again for their own successful Fat Wreck Chords label, certainly has its goofy moments, such as the Tegan & Sara-baiting "Creeping Out Sara" and the Christian-skewering reggae of "Best God in Show," but their sardonic wit is now often used for larger purposes. Songs like the autobiographical "My Orphan Year," about the death of singer Fat Mike's parents, and the gritty street-punk of "We Called it America" display a sharper grasp of adult concerns than NOFX are generally given credit for. No matter how serious they get, however, the music is, as always, exhilarating, top-flight punk reminiscent of '80s SoCal giants like the Descendents and Adolescents.

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  • Genre: Pop