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Melvins - Eggnog / Lice All (2 Lp's) ((Vinyl))


Melvins - Eggnog / Lice All (2 Lp's) ((Vinyl))

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Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download (featuring one bonus track). This package combines two of the earliest releases from the often imitated but never duplicated Melvins. LP One is EGGNOG, from 1991. Originally released as a 10-inch, EGGNOG is a wild ride into the outer limits of Melvins-dom. The first side cuts loose with three quick blasts. "Wispy" has the Lorax (Lori Temple Black) on bass and Dale Crover on drums, pounding one note in unison while Buzz Osborne bellows and whispers and turns his guitar on and off. Side Two features the side-long epic "Charmicarmicat," with seasick waves of guitar and slow-motion madness bringing communicable disease and poisonous jellyfish ashore, stinging and infecting the unsuspecting sunbathers before gently washing out to sea again. LP Two is LICE-ALL, from 1992, previously known as self-titled, and also previously known as something else we're all not gonna talk about, thank you very much. This was their last release before signing their Atlantic deal, and features the introduction of new bass player Joe Preston (previously of Earth, currently of Thrones). It's one long, slow, loud blob of drones, moans and fuzztones. The opening endless power chord shimmer influenced Sleep, Sunn O))), and countless other sludge metal drone freaks for years to come. The LPs have been remastered and are back in print on vinyl for the first time in 15 years. The new gatefold packaging includes never-before-seen vintage photos, as well as the original artwork and insert, all tidied up and ready to meet Mom and Dad.

- Disc 1 -
1 Wispy
2 Antitoxidote
3 Hog Leg
4 Charmicarmicat
- Disc 2 -
1 Lice-All Part One
2 Lice-All Part Two

  • Genre: Pop