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MC5 - Back in the USA (180 Gram Vinyl) [Import] ((Vinyl))


MC5 - Back in the USA (180 Gram Vinyl) [Import] ((Vinyl))

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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing with original artwork. The incendiary Detroit quintet MC5 (the MC stood for Motor City) burned briefly but brightly at rock's cutting edge in the late 1960s and early 1970s, building a reputation of high energy, high volume performances. They were seen as a hugely influential force on punk music and in the words of Rob Tyner (lead singer), MC5, were Punk, before Punk... New Wave, before New Wave... Metal, before Metal... even MC before Hammer. Released in 1970 Back in the USA was their first studio album, following their live debut Kick Out the Jams, it features covers of the classic Little Richard track 'Tutti-Frutti' and title track 'Back in the USA' by Chuck Berry. Warner. 2013.

1 Tutti-Frutti (LP Version)
2 Tonight (LP Version)
3 Teenage Lust (LP Version)
4 Let Me Try (LP Version)
5 Looking at You (LP Version)
6 High School (LP Version)
7 Call Me Animal (LP Version)
8 The American Ruse (LP Version) - the MC5
9 Shakin' Street (LP Version)
10 The Human Being Lawnmower (LP Version)
11 Back in the USA (LP Version) - the MC5

  • Genre: Pop