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Marillion - MISPLACED CHILDHOOD (2017 REMASTER) ((Vinyl))


Marillion - MISPLACED CHILDHOOD (2017 REMASTER) ((Vinyl))

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Marillion: Fish (vocals); Steve Rothery (guitar); Mark Kelly (keyboards); Pete Trewavas (bass); Ian Mosley (percussion).Recorded at Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, Germany between March & May 1985. Includes liner notes by Robert Mead, Mark Wilkinson, Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly, Steve Rothery.Digitally remastered by Peter Mew (1998, Abbey Road Studios, London, England).Marillion were at the forefront of the brief progressive rock revival of the 80s, and as such had to endure constant critical carping about their similarities to Genesis. Led at this stage of their career by Fish, they reached a creative and commercial peak with this 1985 release, a concept album based loosely around the singer's childhood. What saved the album from empty bombast was Marillion's sudden emergence as a skilled and melodic rock group, exemplified by the UK hit single "Kayleigh". While nothing else on the album was quite able to match this song, the rest is still worthy of re-investigation.

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