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Ludacris - THE RED LIGHT DISTRI ((Vinyl))


Ludacris - THE RED LIGHT DISTRI ((Vinyl))

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It's fitting that Ludacris would unveil one of the last major albums of 2004. He is one of the wittiest personalities in hip-hop, only rivaled in the one-liner department by Eminem, and the most downright fun rapper in the business.
Ludacris opens with a wry rant on the industry, a common theme, but he uniquely combines the self-aware eye of a writer with the continually scheming nature of a hustler. It is said that when comic actors perform drama, they often excel at it, and Ludacris translates this to the music world. When he gets serious on the reflective "Child of the Night," he shines, honestly pondering both his life and the craziness of the world. However, the bulk of THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT is a party, as the Atlanta MC lets his rhymes loose with abandon over infectious tracks like "Put Your Money," where he trades shouts with DMX, and "Get Back," which revels in its catchy melody.

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  • Genre: Pop