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L7 - Detroit (Color Vinyl) ((Vinyl))


L7 - Detroit (Color Vinyl) ((Vinyl))

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Capturing the group at a pivotal point in their development – in this case, the gig coinciding with the initial release of Smell the Magic as a six-track EP by Sub Pop – their performance in Detroit preserves the raw, kinetic energy of the era. Limited pressing of 800. Contains classic tracks such as “Shove”, “Deathwish” & “Shitlist”

1.Fast and Frightening 2.(Right On) Thru 3.Scrap 4.Broomstick 5.Packin’ A Rod 6.Cat-O- Nine Tails 7.Deathwish 8.Till the Wheels Fall Off 9.Shove 10.Bloodstains 11.Shitlist Live Detroit 1st September 1990

  • Internal ID: JITRE
  • Format Detail: LP Transparent Green Vinyl
  • Handling Note: **Please allow an additional 72 hours for this item's shipment.**
  • Genre: Pop