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Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost In Space ((Vinyl))

Kool Keith

Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost In Space ((Vinyl))

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Out of print on CD on Red Ink (52000) - D03.
Personnel includes: Kool Keith, Black Silver The Navigator, Roger Troutman, Sadat X, Kid Capri (rap vocals); Live 7, Nightcrawler (programming).
Recorded at Bridge Sound Studios, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.
BLACK ELVIS is a retro-futurist, psychedelic, paranoid, delusional, and misogynistic descent into a demented schizophrenic hell and that's what makes it one of the best hip-hop albums of 1999. Too subterranean for the Puff Daddy-led hip-pop world and a little too weird for the average underground beat head, it is a wonder this man still has a career. But he does, and on his second album after jettisoning Dr.Octagon (the first being FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, which was recorded under his Dr. Dooom alias) Kool Keith proves that whatever the name, the game remains.
In "Intro," Keith attacks the world he thinks is ripping him off, asking "Why are you making the me-faces in your videos with the fish-lens effects / Why?" In "I'm Seeing Robots," he uses his warped space-age ethos to criticize women he considers "robotic." In "The Girl's Don't Like the Job," Keith attacks the hypocrisies of the entertainment industry and the debasement of women in the workplace while simultaneously fantasizing about what he would do while in power. This is the dichotomy that fuels his work--you never quite know what side Kool Keith is on.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop