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Jam - This Is The Modern World ((Vinyl))


Jam - This Is The Modern World ((Vinyl))

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Includes liner notes by John Reed.
In 1977 punk rock was hardly the only game in town. In addition to pub-rock, the remnants of glam and the lingering, aging hippies who still tenuously held onto the charts, there was also a small group of revivalists dedicated to reviving the fashion and music of the early-'60s mod scene. Chief among these young dandies was the most creative and consistent group of the lot, the Jam. Led by guitar hero/boy genius Paul Weller, the Jam took the R&B influences of bands like (early Who incarnation) the High Numbers, added punk rock's manic energy, and produced an energetic-yet-raw debut album (IN THE CITY) that hinted at great things to come.
By the time the second album THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD rolled around the Jam had its formula down pat. Weller's songwriting had acquired new depth, as evidenced on the title cut, "Standards," "Tonight at Noon," and "I Need You." Even bassist Bruce Foxton could chime in when necessary with a winner like "Don't Tell Them Your Sane." Nevertheless, the MODERN WORLD cemented The Jam's reputation as one of the most dynamic bands in rock & roll history.

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 Jam - This Is The Modern World ((Vinyl))