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Interstellar / O.S.T. - INTERSTELLAR / O.S.T. ((Vinyl))

Interstellar / O.S.T.

Interstellar / O.S.T. - INTERSTELLAR / O.S.T. ((Vinyl))

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Esteemed Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer reunites with director Christopher Nolan to score his dark sci-fi drama Interstellar. The two have collaborated in the past on Nolan's 2010 film Inception as well the Dark Knight trilogy. Pulsing with slow-building rhythms, subtle strings, tinkling pianos, and echoing pipe organ, Zimmer's Interstellar score takes a decidedly atmospheric bent. According to Nolan, he hired the veteran composer before there was even a script, instead providing Zimmer with a single-page synopsis to pique his imagination. The story of humanity's desperate mission to find an inhabitable new world before Earth's environment collapses is rendered here by dreamy soundscapes and thoughtful textures that speak of the great, black vacuum and the deep loneliness of space travel. While it's full of experimental styles and tones, the score still contains classic sci-fi themes of wonder and enchantment befitting a tale that pits mankind against the great unknown. ~ Timothy Monger

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