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The Gringoz - For Your Safety -  (Vinyl)

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The Gringoz - For Your Safety - (Vinyl)

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Format: LP (Vinyl)


The Gringoz are a Punk Rock Band from Huntington Beach, CA.

In 2012, members from HB Punk Band, WMD, met up with like-minded surf punks to form The Gringoz.  The music is all-gas-no-brakes, pulling influences from punk, hardcore, rock n' roll & surf music with a hint of Black Sabbath metal - All with the tongue-in-cheek attitude you would expect from a band called, "The Gringoz"

Since 2012, The Gringoz have consistently released new music including, a Full Length Album, and 3 EPs.  The most recent EP, "For Your Safety" was released in October, 2021.

The Gringoz (and other forms of the band) have played throughout Orange County, supporting Punk Rock Icons such as Rancid, The Germs, Agent Orange, The Dickies, DI, Dr. Know, Total Chaos, Sham 69, & More

 The Gringoz - For Your Safety - (Vinyl)