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Grant Hart - Intolerance ((Vinyl))

Grant Hart

Grant Hart - Intolerance ((Vinyl))

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INTOLERANCE is the first full-length solo effort from ex-Husker Du drummer/singer/songwriter Grant Hart. His former band were key architects of the post-punk, "alternative" sound later developed and popularized by bands like Nirvana. Along with guitarist/singer Bob Mould (who went on to record both solo and with Sugar), Hart helped pioneer a style that was equal parts precise songcraft and utterly unforgiving sonic barrage. The latter is shown in the opener here, "Fanfare in D Major," in which Hart's strained rock & roll voice emerges through a chaotic wash of guitar. Elsewhere, Hart's penchant for tuneful, impassioned hooks surfaces in the swinging, expansive "You're the Victim," the anthemic feel of "2541," and the spare piano accompaniment and drunken, Irish pub-like singalong chorus of "The Main."
While Mould's presence is sorely missed, as are Husker Du's uncompromising sonic experiments, Grant Hart's talents as a front man are showcased here in such tracks as the hymn-like "She Can See the Angels Coming." INTOLERANCE is recommended for avid Husker collectors and fans of Hart's songwriting.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop