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Githead - Waiting for a Sign -  (Vinyl)

Githead - Waiting for a Sign - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 12/16/2014 

 Waiting for a Sign marks the return of Githead after a five-year break from recording and pushes fur-ther than their previous records, underscoring the bands commitment to pursuing new directions. Fans will recognize many of the classic Githead tropes here: The hypnotic, motorik repetition, the weighty bass lines, and the dreamy melodicism that have come to define the bands aesthetic. But Waiting for a Sign isn't about sticking with a proven formula: Githead are forward-looking musicians, committed to reinvention rather than recycling. As previous releases such as Art Pop (2007) and Landing (2009) show, Githead's forte has increasingly been to bring the synergy and inventiveness of their live performances to bear on the studio process. For this album, however, they upped the ante, arriving at the studio without any written material and trusting that their response to each other's ex temporization as well as to the mood and the surroundings, would get the creative juices flowing. "Slow Creatures" is a good example, kicking off in an almost heretically bluesy mode, although this flavour eventually disscolves into a larger hypnotic groove as the track builds. There's a similar effect on "Air Dancing," it's introduction combining Kala bass and acoustic guitar. Most memorable is "For the Place We're In," whose melodic structure makes it Githead's first bona fide folk song. Approaching the project as something of a blank slate, their minds free of predefined ideas and open to creativity makes their most accomplished release thus far. 

 1 Not Coming Down 2 Bringing the Sea to the City 3 To Somewhere 4 For the Place We're in 5 Air Dancing 6 Slow Creatures 7 Today 8 What If 9 Waiting for a Sign

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