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Fu-Schnickens - Nervous Breakdown ((Vinyl))


Fu-Schnickens - Nervous Breakdown ((Vinyl))

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Fu-Schnickens: Chip, Poc, Moc (vocals).
Additional personnel includes: Shaquille O'Neal (vocals).
Producers: Rod "K.P." Kirkpatrick, K-Cut, Jim Nice, Diamond D., Lyvio G.
Engineers include: Kerry Crafton, Steve Neat, Adam Kudzin.
It's not merely that the three rappers in Fu-Schnickens can sling words at a dizzying pace. It's that they sling them with style. Technically, all they're yapping about on their second album (which comes three long years after their critically praised first) is themselves. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN is about how tough they are on a microphone and how if you don't watch your back they're going to sneak up on you and rap you to death.
Meanwhile, it's the vowels and consonants that sneak up behind you and rap you into submission. Delicious strings of syllables like "I'm bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad to the bone and crafty thuffering thuckatash spitting my lyrics wild like Daffy" fly off their tongues without pause for breathing. Like Denis Leary reading the comics.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Rap & Hip-Hop