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Doobie Brothers - DOOBIE BROTHERS ((Vinyl))

Doobie Brothers

Doobie Brothers - DOOBIE BROTHERS ((Vinyl))

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The Doobie Brothers' debut album, released to a largely uncaring world in 1971, produced no hit singles. This seems strange in retrospect. Listening to the album today, one can hear that the Doobies' template (albeit sans the ultra-catchy pop hooks) was already pretty much in place. The band's trademark gospel harmonies are locked in here, as are their shimmering, finger-picked acoustic (and occasional electric) guitars and feel-good post-hippie vibe.
The album's sedate, almost folk-music feel (check out the concluding acoustic blues, "Chicago") is also somewhat strange when you consider that the Doobie Brothers had spent the preceding years as the house band for the San Jose chapter of the Hell's Angels. In any case, this is a solid and obviously promising album, with the most rocking cut being a cover of Randy Newman's "The Beehive State." Although the album doesn't near the pop-rock heights the band would refine in later years, it is a solid effort with a dash of country, a dash of boogie, and some fine songwriting.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Rock