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Descendents - Livage - Live ((Vinyl))


Descendents - Livage - Live ((Vinyl))

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Recorded sometime during their All tour back in 1986, Liveage! showcases the Descendents while they were at the height of their popularity. One could classify this as a best-of live album, considering that it features all the hits -- "Coolidge," "Clean Sheets," "Wendy," and "Suburban Home," among others; no "Sour Grapes" to be found in the bunch. Bratty, aggravated punk-pop at its finest, the Descendents were not only way ahead of their time, but they were also one of the most influential punk bands of the '80s. Liveage! is for all the fans who were too young to see the band at its peak, or too slow to get tickets before the reunion tour sold out. ~ Mike DaRonco

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  • Genre: Pop