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Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom [12/8] ((Vinyl))

Cult Of Luna

Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom [12/8] ((Vinyl))

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Cult of Luna's fifth full-length ritual (and fourth for Earache Records) is a gloomy, yet brilliantly orchestrated, slab of doom rock. Bearing similarities to Neurosis, Crowbar, Tool, and even vintage Godflesh, the Swedish octet pushes the conventions of hard rock to new places with its combination of raw power and refined exposition. The album's concept is based on a diary entitled TALES FROM THE ETERNAL KINGDOM, which explores the outlook of a man wrongfully imprisoned for his wife's murder. Inspirational and devoid of merriment, ETERNAL KINGDOM is a fascinating album, rich with texture but harsh enough for the mosh pit.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop

 Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom [12/8] ((Vinyl))