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Cocteau Twins: Elizabeth Fraser (vocals); Robin Guthrie (guitar); Simon Raymonde (bass).
Engineers include: Cocteau Twins, Lincoln Fong, Mitsuo Tate.
Recorded at Pors Poulhan, Bretagne, France and September Sound, London, England.
The Cocteau Twins' swansong as a functioning entity, MILK & KISSES was released in 1996, three years after FOUR CALENDAR CAF+. In this period the band had changed record labels for the second time in only a few years, explored their acoustic side on the TWINLIGHTS EP, and even submitted to the trend of remixing tracks on the OTHERNESS EP. With MILK & KISSES' release, and nearly another album's worth of single B-sides, they reclaimed their throne as the biggest name in ethereal pop. Collectors should note that a limited edition of the CD was issued in a very cool-looking magnetically sealed case.
The album marks a triumphant return to form, adding warmth to everything, including Elizabeth Fraser's voice, still one of the most beautiful in music. Standouts include "Serpentskirt," which adds more percussion than usual to the Twins' sound, the laid-back groove of "Rilkean Heart," positively echoing with Robin Guthrie's patented guitar effects, and "Eperdu," with rolling sonic waves framing Fraser's shimmering vocals.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop