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Blue Cheer - OUTSIDE INSIDE ((Vinyl))

Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer - OUTSIDE INSIDE ((Vinyl))

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Blue Cheer includes: Dickie Peterson (vocals).
Engineers include: Jay Snyder, Tony May, Eddie Kramer.
Grateful Dead fans undoubtedly wished they would have hurried up and gone away, but San Francisco's power trio Blue Cheer, for a time the baddest muthas in rock--they were supposedly the Hell's Angels' favorite band--returned in late 1968 for a second album even harder and heavier than the first. Wisely constricting the song lengths--at nine tracks, OUTSIDEINSIDE has half again as many songs as VINCEBUS ERUPTUM--while upping the jackhammer tempos just a notch, the boys created a true mind-melter, the sonic equivalent of a really bad acid trip.
This being late 1968, the hippies' little brothers just ate this kind of thing up. Highlights include "Feathers From Your Tree" (trees usually have leaves, fellas), and a version of the Stones' "Satisfaction" that does more violence to the song than even Britney Spears could manage 32 years later. The epic "Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" is, surprisingly, not a Captain Beefheart title.

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Pop