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Blackfoot - Marauder ((Vinyl))


Blackfoot - Marauder ((Vinyl))

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Although Blackfoot's 1980 release, TOMCATTIN', was another solid, hard-rocking release, it failed to connect with record buyers in the same way as the band's surprise hit from a year before, STRIKES. Undeterred, the band issued its fifth release, MARAUDER, in '81. For those waiting for Blackfoot to sell out and sweeten its tough Southern rock sound, the band's second '80s release proved there was absolutely no chance.
Leader Rickey Medlocke and company stick to their guns on MARAUDER, cranking out another hard rocker custom made to be turned up to 11. You can't go wrong with such highlights as "Good Morning," "Dry Country," "Diary of a Working Man," "Rattlesnake Rock N' Roller," and "Searchin'."

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Rock and Pop