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Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside [Import] ((Vinyl))


Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside [Import] ((Vinyl))

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Bauhaus: Daniel Ash (vocals, guitar, saxophone); Peter Murphy (vocals); David J. (bass); Kevin Haskins (drums).
Engineers: Derek Tomkins, Gerry, Ted Sharp.
1983's BURNING FROM THE INSIDE is Bauhaus' most commercial-sounding album. It is arguably their most effective, and, sadly, their last album as a group, though numerous collections and live recordings have appeared in its wake. This album shows all of the group's strengths. Bauhaus creates an immediately identifiable 'mood' in the mind of the listener, as in the opening track ("She's in Parties"). They have an uncanny knack for revealing massive, dense beats in the middle of what would be, in others' hands, straight-ahead rock songs. Bauhaus also has a unique ability to wring poignancy and nostalgia out of the weirdest lyrical constructs--as in the album's centerpiece, "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight," introduced by piano and mournful saxophone.
The album originally ended with "Hope," a brilliant three-minutes that advises "Make the most of a million times no" with choral vocals, a gorgeous, thick bassline, and a shimmering guitar. The CD adds several bonus tracks from singles, including the brutal dance groove of "Lagartija Nick." One of Bauhaus' most distinctive and successful singles, this darkly gleaming jewel showcases the group's trademark echoed vocals and Kevin Haskin's uncommonly precise drumming with cool horn section inserts.

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