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Aswad - New Chapter Of Dub [180-Gram Black Vinyl] ((Vinyl))


Aswad - New Chapter Of Dub [180-Gram Black Vinyl] ((Vinyl))

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Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing. When English reggae band Aswad released their third album 'New Chapter' in 1981, it didn't perform as well as expected within the mainstream reggae market, and so the band decided to re-imagine the record with a dub remix. That did not go unnoticed: 'A New Chapter of Dub', released in 1982, went on to receive critical acclaim and is considered to be one of the greatest dub albums of all time. Known for it's shuddering bass and reverberated brass, as well as the traditional dub use of delay, drop-outs and echo, the album became a landmark in it's genre.

  • Genre: Reggae