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Angelo Badalamenti - TWIN PEAKS / O.S.T. ((Vinyl))

Angelo Badalamenti

Angelo Badalamenti - TWIN PEAKS / O.S.T. ((Vinyl))

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Music composed by Angelo Badalamenti. Lyrics written by David Lynch.
Personnel includes: Julee Cruise (vocals); Angelo Badalamenti (piano, synthesizer); Vinnie Bell, Eddie Dixon (electric guitar); Al Regini (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone); Eddie Daniels (flute, clarinet); Kinny Landrum (synthesizer); Grady Tate (drums).
David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS was, among other things, the first series to bring surrealism to prime time television. Angelo Badalamenti's score, on the other hand, was the first to introduce downtown post-modernism. Badalamenti's harmonic palette was straight out of '50s rock. But the resultant music was slow and doomy, a collage of shimmering synths, twangy Duane Eddy guitars, and finger snaps that seemed uncannily sinister. Highlights include the popular "Twin Peaks Theme," which manages the remarkable feat of being at once lush and minimalist, and "Into The Night," an unsettling combination of innocence and lasciviousness as sung by Lynch protege Julee Cruise.

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