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A Day to Remember - Bad Vibrations - (Digital Download Card) (Vinyl)

A Day to Remember - Bad Vibrations - (Digital Download Card) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Digital Download Card) 

 Limited vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. On their 2016 album, Bad Vibrations, A Day to Remember claim to have approached the writing process with no expectations and organically came up with their finest work to date. According to Jeremy McKinnon, ADTR's frontman, this album "... came together organically. We took some time to get together and write with no real expectations," says the singer. The band took a trek up to Fort Collins, CO where they'd collaborate with Descendants' Bill Stevenson who produced the album. The lead single "Paranoia" raced up the Active Rock Charts upon release, and McKinnon recalls, "That song just kind of came out of nowhere one day-and we were all really pumped on it." Radio is just one key to this band's success, as touring is front and center to the ADTR master plan. The band has curated their own music Festival, dubbed Self Help Fest - since 2014 - with the attendance growing each year. In March 2016 over 17,000 fans attended the fest in San Bernardino, CA., which was headlined by ADTR and featured some of the best bands in the scene. 

 1 Bad Vibrations 2 Paranoia 3 Naivety 4 Exposed 5 Bullfight 6 Reassemble 7 Justified 8 We Got This 9 Same About You 10 Turn Off the Radio 11 Forgive and Forget

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