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Various Artists - Puissance 13 + 2 /  Various - (Limited Edition, Gatefold LP Jacket) (Vinyl)

Various Artists - Puissance 13 + 2 / Various - (Limited Edition, Gatefold LP Jacket) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Limited Edition, Gatefold LP Jacket) 

 Limited double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Amazing sessions by the cream of underground French prog and psych bands, first released in 1971 on Thélème, a boutique label owned by Magma bassist and Barclay Records manager Laurent Thibault. When Thibault founded Thélème, he wanted to set up a prestige outfit. He had this in mind when he set out to fulfill his ambition of presenting a panorama of the French rock scene by gathering the best groups in France together on one double-album, to be recorded at the legendary Chateau d'Hérouville studio, live in the courtyard with no overdubs. Thibault had hoped that labels would allow their best acts to appear. Philips offered Magma (the version of 'Mekanik Kommando' appearing on Puissance is the first ever conceived or recorded by the band) and Catherine Ribeiro; Barclay allowed Alain Markusfeld to participate; Le Chant du Monde let Voyage appear. The band Catharsis said yes; so did Contrepoint, discovered by Magma's René Garber. Thélème artists included Ergo Sum, MOR, Zabu, and Solitude. Two guests from America were recommended by Le Chant du Monde: folk-singers Roger Mason and Steve Waring. And happily Spectre, a band featuring legendary Hérouville engineer Dominique Blanc-Francart, brought the monster prog jazz funk synth madness of 'Arkham'. Brilliant! 

 1 Ergo Sum - All's So Comic 2 Magma - Mekanik Kommandoh 3 Spectre - Arkham 4 Mor - Un Hini Da Garan 5 Mor - Here's to You 6 Zabu - Informer Blues 7 Solitude - Been Gone So Long 8 Solitude - Jappy's Boogie 9 Steve Warring - Bill Bailey 10 Voyage - I'm on My Way 11 Design - Ils N'ont Rien Compris 12 Contrepoint - Unfathomable of the Seventh Time 13 Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Aria Populaire 14 Claude Engel - Promenade 15 Catharsis - Charles 16 Roger Mason - on a Tapé 17 Alain Markusfeld - Iguane

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