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The Sex Pistols - Live 76 [Import] - (Oversize Item Split, United Kingdom - Import) (Vinyl)

The Sex Pistols - Live 76 [Import] - (Oversize Item Split, United Kingdom - Import) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Oversize Item Split, United Kingdom - Import) 

 UK four vinyl LP set containing a quartet of historic 1976 concerts by Sex Pistols. Live '76, officially sanctioned by the band themselves, features the first full release of the recordings, which have been mastered at Abbey Road Studios. They include the band's famed gig of 4 June, 1976 at Manchester's Lesser Free Trade Hall, which was set up by future Buzzcocks members Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto, with such future luminaries as Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner and Morrissey in the audience. The second disc contains the Midnight Special concert of 29 August that year at the Screen on the Green in Islington, north London, where the Pistols were supported by Buzzcocks themselves and The Clash. Pistols set Disc three, from 17 September, is the performance at Chelmsford Maximum Security Prison, the only one of these four gigs to be recorded officially, by Pistols soundman Dave Goodman. The concert on disc four is one that's been well-known to fans as a bootleg but is now making it's official, full live release debut, from the band's appearance at the 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent on 25 September. The set includes photographs from the era and a facsimile of an original Sex Pistols Glitterbest press kit. 

 1 LP1 2 4th June - 1976: Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester 3 Did You No Wrong 4 No Lip 5 Seventeen 6 Stepping Stone 7 New York 8 Whatcha Gonna Do About It 9 Submission 10 Satellite 11 No Feelings 12 No Fun 13 Substitute 14 Pretty Vacant 15 Problems 16 LP2 17 29th August - 1976: Screen on the Green, Islington 18 Anarchy in the UK 19 I Wanna Be Me 20 Seventeen 21 New York 22 No Lip 23 Stepping Stone 24 Satellite 25 Submission 26 Liar 27 No Feelings 28 Substitute 29 Pretty Vacant 30 Problems 31 Did You No Wrong 32 No Fun 33 LP3 34 17th September 1976: HM Prison, Chelmsford 35 Anarchy in the UK (Incomplete) 36 I Wanna Be Me 37 Seventeen 38 New York 39 No Lip 40 Stepping Stone 41 Satellite 42 Submission 43 Liar 44 No Feelings (Incomplete) 45 Substitute 46 No Fun 47 Pretty Vacant 48 Problems 49 Anarchy in the UK (Encore) 50 Did You Know Wrong 51 LP4 52 25th September - 1976: 76 Club, Burton on Trent 53 Anarchy in the UK 54 I Wanna Be Me 55 Seventeen 56 New York 57 No Lip 58 Stepping Stone 59 Satellite 60 Submission 61 Liar 62 Substitute 63 No Feelings 64 No Fun 65 Pretty Vacant 66 Problems

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