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The Fool - The Fool (Expandend) ((Vinyl))

The Fool

The Fool - The Fool (Expandend) ((Vinyl))

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This 1998 reissue contains 2 bonus tracks not on the original release.
The Fool (1969) is an obscure piece of music history centering around a quartet of Dutch multimedia artists, Simon Posthuma, Marijke Posthuma, Josje Leeger, and Barry Finch. Their earliest clientele included model Patti Boyd (aka "Layla"), whose psychedelic gear caught the eye of Daily Mirror fashion editor Felicity Green. One of their more high-profile gigs involved decorating for the Beatles, including the entire side of the Fab Four's short-lived Apple boutique on Baker Street in London, as well as a Rolls Royce and grand piano for John Lennon. They also designed some of the era's most notable LP jackets, including the Incredible String Band's 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (1967), the Move's self-titled debut album (1968), and the Hollies' Evolution (1967). Undoubtedly, it was the connection with the latter that resulted in Graham Nash's involvement as producer on this collection. Musically, the Fool often resemble the far-out folk of the aforementioned Incredible String Band. This is especially the case with the choral lead vocals on "Fly" and "Reincarnation," blending Eastern philosophy with a distinct delivery style similar to that of an English ballad. "Rainbow Man" is an edgier rocker driven by a solid Bo Diddley rhythm, while the acoustic guitars give the number a rural and freewheelin' feeling. "No One Will Ever Know" stands out with its interminably catchy uptempo melody, while the trippy vocals from Marijke and Josje have an oddly hypnotic effect. The slinky soulful "Keep On Pushin'" is an extended instrumental that may include an uncredited Nash, whose harmonica blows are challenged by an equally impassioned bagpipe solo. While hopelessly dated, The Fool is fun for inclined parties and worth searching for. The Fool...Plus (1998) is a U.K. reissue of this ten-track long-player as well as a pair of previously unearthed sides, "We Are One" and "Shining Light," presumably derived from the same sessions as this effort. ~ Lindsay Planer

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Rock