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Teenage Head - Teenage Head (LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Teenage Head - Teenage Head (LP)

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One of the best pop-punk albums ever made! Teenage Head's debut album influenced a generation of bands. This one has been out of print on vinyl since 1981 - get it before it's gone again. 2014 reissue.


Often billed as Canada's answer to the Ramones, Teenage Head were in truth just as much a new wave band as they were a punk rock outfit. They had a similar affection for pre-Beatles rock & roll, especially rockabilly, as well as a sense of trashy fun that made them a terrific party band when they were on. Their songs were unpretentious celebrations of all the classic rock & roll staples: cars, booze, girls, partying, and teenage rebellion. Notorious for inadvertently touching off one of the biggest rock & roll riots in their home country's history, the band never broke big in the U.S., partly owing to an ill-timed car crash at the peak of their momentum, partly to an ill-advised makeover as a tamed-down, rootsy pub rock band. Still, they endured to rank as one of the best-loved Canadian rock bands of the '80s, and remain fondly remembered today.

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A1 Top Down 2:01
A2 Ain't Got No Sense 4:13
A3 Bonerack 3:36
A4 Picture My Face 2:55
A5 Lucy Potato 3:33
B1 Curtain Jumper 4:05
B2 You're Tearin' Me Apart 2:42
B3 Little Boxes (Alimony) 3:25
B4 Get Off My Back 3:57
B5 Kissin' The Carpet 4:47


Original Release Year: 1979

Label: Barnyard Records

Catalog #: BAR-333

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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