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Standells - WHY PICK ON ME ((Vinyl))


Standells - WHY PICK ON ME ((Vinyl))

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A typically excellent reissue from the great Sundazed Records, WHY PICK ON ME mixes the entirety of the Standells' second album, from 1966, with rarities and previously unreleased tracks. Although their second album had no hits on the order of the immortal Boston scene anthem "Dirty Water," it does have more than its share of goodies, including the magnificently snotty title track, producer/mastermind Ed Cobb's classic anti-racism screed "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White," a take on Bacharach/David's "My Little Red Book" that's almost the equal of Love's better-known version, a smoking, raw riff on the Stones' "Paint it Black" and the self-explanatory "Have You Ever Spent A Night In Jail."
The bonus tracks, five in all, range from interesting, like an instrumental version of "Don't Say Nothing At All," to killer, like the RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP outtake "Our Candidate."

  • RSD Release Date: DDD
  • Genre: Rock