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Salty - Camera -  (Vinyl)

Salty - Camera - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 11/18/2016 

 Vinyl LP pressing. The Content Label, Los Angeles's experiential hip hop imprint, rarely signs an artist based on a demo, but an impressive delivery from Japan recently broke the trend. Recorded by Salty - AKA Tokyo-based producer / videographer Naoya Ninomiya - the demo arrived as a nearly complete object, ready for dissemination to the global hip-hop headz-space. The songs have been mastered by legendary Japanese hip-hop studio engineer 'The Anticipation Illicit Tsuboi and, with Dday One acting as executive producer it is now ready to be unveiled as the thirteen track album Camera. It's a fantastic audio journey that gives a glimpse into Japanese beat-making prowess while sitting proudly within the instrumental hip hop echelon. With Camera, Salty showcases a diverse set of styles and an acumen for rhythmic patterns and tone, developed through his years of crate-digging and experimentation. And there are many moments to claim as highlights... "Remonoganac" with it's gentle piano, atmospheric textures, and tough beats; the laid-back hip hop funk and scratches of "ADSL"; the smoky downtempo vibe of "The Sea Came At Midnight" is reminiscent of sounds of classic DJ Krush; and "Melting In The Dark" with it's cinematic layers and haunting vocal. These all qualify for honors, among other possible choices. With Camera, a compelling portrait of Salty as a rising star on the beat-making scene has emerged and The Content Label is on the case. 

 1 Come True 2 Doppelganger 3 Adsl 4 Boot Pt.2 5 The Thing (Feat. Yagi) 6 We'd Like to Do a Poem 7 The Sea Came in at Midnight 8 Remonoganac 9 Ubiq 10 We Don't Know Anything 11 Lifetime Bowler 12 Bindings 13 Melting in the Dark

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