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Sach - Essential - (Orange) (Vinyl)

Sach - Essential - (Orange) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 

 Limited tangerine-colored vinyl LP pressing. 2016 collection from the rapper best known as ½ of The Nonce. After their album World Ultimate, Sach and Yusef (AKA The Nonce) intended to push their musical boundaries even further. Unfortunately for Yusef Afloat, the journey ended at age 28. In 2000, his body was found beside the 110-Freeway. In the years since, Sach has maintained a prolific solo career, self-releasing nearly a dozen projects ranging from LPs to collaborations and instrumental tapes. Fast forward to 2016 and the forthcoming release of Essential, a remastered 12 track Best Of Sach compilation album, serving as a re-introduction of Sach to a new generation of hip-hop lovers, producers, beat makers and emcees. This extraordinary musical document comes complete with cover artwork courtesy of Augustine Kofie, the legendary photography of Eric Coleman, plus illustrative and informative liner notes by luminary Carlos Nino. 

 1 Black Earth: From 'Suckas Hate Me' (2002) 2 Voice of Hip-Hop: From Sach 5th Ave' (2004) 3 Mix Tapes: From the Nonce 'World Ultimate' (1995) 4 Rose: From 'Only for the Gifted & the Lifted' (2006) 5 Let 'Em: From 'I'm from Vermont Knolls' (2014) 6 Brass Rung: From 'Sach 5th Ave (2004) 7 My Blun (Dedicated to Nauhi): From 'Happy Verse Day: Suite 2' (2013) 8 Humble!: From 'Ignorance My Enemy' (2010) 9 Flambay: From 'I'm from Vermont Knolls' (2014) 10 I Might: From 'Only for the Gifted & the Lifted' (2006) 11 Look at Me Mean: From 'Seven Days to Engineer' (1998) 12 Joy: From 'Sach 5th Ave' (2004)

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