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Robin Trower - Studio Albums 1973-1983 -  (CD)

Robin Trower - Studio Albums 1973-1983 - (CD)

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Format: CDRelease Date: 2/8/2019 

 Robin Trower had an impressive run of albums between 1973 to 1983 for Chrysalis Records. The ex-Procol Harum guitarist released his debut solo album, Twice Removed From Yesterday, in 1973. This kicked off a string of 10 albums over the course of the next ten years including collaborations with Jack Bruce (Cream). Collected here for the first time these albums are a reminder of Robin's amazing guitar style and songwriting ability. 10CD's presented in card sleeves housed in a clamshell box. 

 Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your version of Flash Player. Get ADOBE® FLASH® Player. I Can't Wait Much Longer (2010 Remastered Version) Robin Trower Studio Albums 1973-1983 00:00 00:00 ×I Can't Wait Much Longer (2010 Remastered Version)×Daydream (2010 Remastered Version)×Hannah (2010 Remastered Version)×Man of the World (2010 Remastered Version)×I Can't Stand It (2010 Remastered Version)×Rock Me Baby (2010 Remastered Version)×Twice Removed from Yesterday (2010 Remastered Version)×Sinner's Song (2010 Remastered Version)×Ballerina (2010 Remastered Version)×Day of the Eagle (2007 Remastered Version)×Bridge of Sighs (2007 Remastered Version)×In This Place (2007 Remastered Version)×The Fool and Me (2007 Remastered Version)×Too Rolling Stoned (2007 Remastered Version)×About to Begin (2007 Remastered Version)×Lady Love (2007 Remastered Version)×Little Bit of Sympathy (2010 Remastered Version)×Shame the Devil (2010 Remastered Version)×It's Only Money (2010 Remastered Version)×Confessin' Midnight (2010 Remastered Version)×Fine Day (2010 Remastered Version)×Alethea (2010 Remastered Version)×A Tale Untold (2010 Remastered Version)×Gonna Be More Suspicious (2010 Remastered Version)×For Earth Below (2010 Remastered Version)×Same Rain Falls (2010 Remastered Version)×Long Misty Days (2010 Remastered Version)×Hold Me (2010 Remastered Version)×Caledonia (2010 Remastered Version)×Pride (2010 Remastered Version)×Sailing (2010 Remastered Version)×S.M.O. (2010 Remastered Version)×I Can't Live Without You (2010 Remastered Version)×Messin' the Blues (2010 Remastered Version)×Somebody Calling (2012 Remastered Version)×Sweet Wine of Love (2012 Remastered Version)×Bluebird (2012 Remastered Version)×Falling Star (2012 Remastered Version)×Farther on Up the Road (2012 Remastered Version)×Smile (2012 Remastered Version)×Little Girl (2012 Remastered Version)×Love's Gonna Bring You Round (2012 Remastered Version)×In City Dreams (2012 Remastered Version)×My Love (Burning Love) (2012 Remastered Version)×Caravan to Midnight (2012 Remastered Version)×I'm Out to Get You (2012 Remastered Version)×Lost in Love (2012 Remastered Version)×Fool (2012 Remastered Version)×It's for You (2012 Remastered Version)×Birthday Boy (2012 Remastered Version)×King of the Dance (2012 Remastered Version)×Sail on (2012 Remastered Version)×Jack and Jill (2012 Remastered Version)×Roads to Freedom (2012 Remastered Version)×Victims of the Fury (2012 Remastered Version)×The Ring (2012 Remastered Version)×Only Time (2012 Remastered Version)×Into the Flame (2012 Remastered Version)×The Shout (2012 Remastered Version)×Mad House (2012 Remastered Version)×Ready for the Taking (2012 Remastered Version)×Fly Low (2012 Remastered Version)×Into Money (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×What It Is (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Won't Let You Down (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×No Island Lost (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×It's Too Late (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Life on Earth (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Once the Bird Has Flown (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Carmen (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Feel the Heat (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×End Game (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Gonna Shut You Down (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Gone Too Far (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Thin Ice (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Last Train to the Stars (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Take Good Care of Yourself (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Fall in Love (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Fat Gut (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Shadows Touching (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Little Boy Lost (Feat. Jack Bruce) [2012 Remastered Version]×Back It Up (2012 Remastered Version)×River (2012 Remastered Version)×Black to Red (2012 Remastered Version)×Benny Dancer (2012 Remastered Version)×Time Is Short (2012 Remastered Version)×Islands (2012 Remastered Version)×None But the Brave (2012 Remastered Version)×Captain Midnight (2012 Remastered Version)×Settling the Score (2012 Remastered Version)

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