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R.E.M. - Green (LP) - Vinyl Record LP

R.E.M. - Green (LP)

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25th anniversary version of R.E.M.'s tremendous sixth album! 2013 remastered reissue on 180g vinyl


As far as major-label debuts by underground bands go, Green is fairly uncompromising. While it displays a more powerful guitar sound on "Get Up," "Turn You Inside Out," and "Orange Crush," it also takes more detours than Document, whether it's the bizarrely affecting contemporary folk of "The Wrong Child" and "You Are the Everything," the bubblegum of "Stand" and "Pop Song 89," or the introspection of the lovely "Hairshirt" and "World Leader Pretend." But instead of presenting a portrait of a band with a rich, eclectic vision, Green is incoherent. While its best moments are flat-out great, the band has bitten off more than it can chew; many of the songs sound like failed experiments, and its arena-ready production now sounds slightly dated. Nevertheless, half of the record is brilliant, and it certainly indicates that R.E.M. are continuing to diversify their sound.

-All Music


A1 Pop Song 89 3:03
A2 Get Up 2:35
A3 You Are Everything 3:45
A4 Stand 3:10
A5 World Leader Pretend 4:15
A6 The Wrong Child 3:35
B7 Orange Crush 3:50
B8 Turn You Inside Out 4:15
B9 Hairshirt 3:55
B10 I Remember California 5:05
B11 Untitled 3:15

Original Release Year: 1988

Label: Warner Brothers

Catalog #: R1 325795

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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